Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter 9, Sprint 2.

  Feeling rather impressed with himself, he headed upstairs to shower and shave.  He whistled a happy tune as he shaved and dressed.  He put on a new shirt and pair of slacks.  No better way to start a new adventure than by dressing all fresh and new. He felt positively shiny as he combed his hair in the mirror.  As he made his way back downstairs, he heard the doorbell ring.  "Coming! Coming!" he called out, as he made his way to the front door. 
    Glancing through the side window, he saw Sukie and Mike standing there, camera in tow.  He opened the door saying, "Hey guys, good morning, come on in, make yourselves at home!" as he waved them inside.  Mike was filming their entrance.  "Getting an early start, I see," said the old man as he pointed to the camera. Sukie laughed, and said, "We've got to start getting the footage now.  Do you mind if Mike shoots some B Roll around the house?"
    "B Roll?" asked the old man.
    "Yeah, its those little bits of video you see as filler in scenes.  Usually entails some voice over, sometimes not.  It gives the audience a better idea of what they're looking at."  The old man nodded and waved at Mike. "Go ahead, you want a grand tour? Not that the house's to huge."
    "Actually," said Mike, "That'd be great! It'd work well in our intro episode.
    The old man led Mike from room to room, showing him the house.  Mike followed him and filmed him and all his descriptions and stories of what items were.
    "Jim, you're doing great! You're a natural in front of the camera!" appreciatively said Mike, who gave the old man a thumbs up.
    "Mike, I'm just talking to you, and you happen to be holding a camera.  If I think about it that way, it weighs a ton less on my mind, you know?"
    "Yeah, you know, I wish more people thought like you, it's making this a blast to film.  Most, if not all of this so far is usuable.  If you keep this up, we'll be golden."  The old man beamed with pride, and continued onwards in showing off the house.  A few minutes later, they were done.  Sukie was downstairs at the table with  a clip board with a yellow legal pad of paper in it. She was writing herself little notes.
    "What you doin' there Sukie?" asked the old man.
    "Working on our itinerary.  I think if we get going soon, we can be in the city by around 3 or so, and that's including all our stops.  I figure by the time we get there, we can go to the hotel, and freshen up before heading to our first city stop."
    "Our first city stop?" asked the old man curiously.
    "Yep!" was Sukie's enigmatic reply.
    "Ooh, a mystery!" said Mike. "Well, I'm not entirely sure either where we're going, Jim, so we'll have to trust her."
    "Ok, lady, I'm trusting you." laughed the old man. "You lead, I'll follow.  It's got to be fun!"
    Together, they cleaned up the coffee mugs and carefully dried them before putting them away.  The old man rinsed out the sponge a little more thoroughly than usual then carefully placed it to dry on its own special dish. Mike headed out first with the suitcases, then stood on the sidewalk and filmed the old man leaving the house, and carefully locking the door as usual.  He waved at the camera whistling the call to post, and said "And we're off."

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