Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nanowrimo 2k10

We're gonna try it again folks!

Here's hoping that it goes as smoothly as '07 did, when I won with flying colors, and less like '09, when it beat me with a whoopin' stick.

What's NaNoWrimo, I hear you ask-- ok, in a nutshell, its to write a 50k word novella in the month of November.  I've given myself a major hurdle by starting 3 days late, which basically makes my word count per day need to be 1800 instead of 1667.  Its a big number, but it's doable.

To reach my goal, I've decided to use my home computer as a base station, and will use my iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy S phones as mobile input devices. No need to be strapped down to the base like we were in '07.  I have good feelings about this year.

I'll post my progress here, as well as whatever else is on my mind. 

Good luck to anyone who wants to read this.. odds are it'll be a bit.. ugly before editing.

Love to all.

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