Friday, November 5, 2010

the last half of Chapter 4.

    The cool air felt great on his warm body.  He'd never known dancing to be so strenuous, and figured a nice long meandering walk would be a great way to cool down.  He had more than enough time to go and do pretty much anything before his dinner meeting. Finally making a decision, he chose to walk back to the music store, he had really enjoyed his time there, and he figured that Chuck would want to know about his dinner with the television people.
    Slowly, he made his way down to the music shop.  The old man was starting to feel a little tired, and comfy chairs sounded so good right about then.  He glanced at his watch- it was just past two thirty, "No wonder!" he said to himself, "I've done more than a weeks worth of things that I never usually do, and this is when I usually take a load off in the recliner before dinner." After a few more minutes of walking, he made it to the music shop.  Chuck and another man were playing ukulele and guitar on the comfortable couch. 
    "You're back! I knew you just couldn't stay away," said Chuck as he pointed at one of the flanking chairs. "Take a load off." He gestured to the man next to him who was holding one of the more ornate ukuleles, "This is Jon, he's a bud from the ukulele group that meets here a couple times a week." Jon waved then returned to his uke. "Introductions done, now, tell me about that dance lesson?" he said as a sly smile crept across his face.
    "Well," he started as he sat down in the squashy chair, "Well, I could get used to this chair!" he laughed. "From here, I went to the sushi restaurant down the road. Man, I like my meat rare, but wow wee! It was pretty darn good, I'd go back.  Then, I went to the dance studio."   
    "I got a dance lesson. It was good, Sally's a great teacher, but that's not the very best part!"
    "You mean Sally, that pretty, sexy thing in those low cut tops, she wasn't the best part?"   
    "She was pretty close to the top, except that Susan, that lady from the TV station, She told me that she talked to the Station Manager, and they want to meet me tonight over dinner at Presto's downtown! I did the darned jitterbug in the front of the room as soon as I heard.  Now, thinking back on it, I think one of the girls in the back of the class, she might have been planning to call nine-eleven seeing as I think she thought I was having a stroke or something!"  The three men cracked up laughing.  "So, I figured I had a more than a little while to relax, its too long of a ride to go home, I'll haunt your chair for a bit, then I'll catch the bus up to there, and take a cab home."
    "The bus?! Never!" exclaimed Chuck.  "I'll drive you there, it's a long bus ride down there, and at six o'clock it's going to be getting dark." With a big smile and a ton of gusto, he finished "You can still take that cab home, old man, I'm not a chauffeur."
    "Thanks! Usually I'd never take you up on a thing like that, but today, its been an amazing but long day. You mind if I hang out and listen to you boys play a bit?"   
    "Of course not, and we're about to put up a fresh pot of java, I'll fetch you a cup, and figure, we'll leave about half past 5. You can use the back room to freshen up a bit too before you leave, no worries about that."
    The old man settled comfortably into his chair, and enjoyed the cup of coffee Chuck fetched for him. He set the cup down on the table, and leaned back, enjoying the music. 
    He was dressed in a tux and tails. She in a shimmering ivory ballgown.  Together they tangoed around the room, dipping and spinning and dancing in a way that clears the dance floor.  The orchestra was magnificent, the song sounded as if it'd last forever. The way she looked into his eyes, she looked as if she was glowing.  They danced and danced until the song ended, and they did not part, they held on tight never wanting to be separated.
    Still clasping hands, he led her off the dance floor, towards a beautiful buffet.  He nodded at the man in the white suit behind the table, and he handed them both a flute of champagne.  They each had a sip, then hand in hand returned to the dance floor.  They danced all the dances, never leaving each others side, each dance more impressive than the last, and the ended with a kiss, and that is when they were met with applause, and people calling their names.
    "Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!" said Chuck, as he shook the old man's shoulder.  "Time to get up."
    The old man opened his eyes with a start and shook his head.  "What, where, who?" he mumbled as he sat up straight and got his bearings. 
    "Time to get up. My music shop, Chuck. At least I think that's about right." Chuck laughed as he gave the old man a hand to get up.  The old man stretched. "How long was I out for?" he asked mid yawn.
    "It's about ten to five, so, about two hours or so.  I figured you needed it after your adventure today. Heck, I think I'd need a nap too if I had your day!" The two men laughed.  "Okay, go through the workshop, on the right, there's the bathroom, complete with shower if you feel the need. I pulled down some fresh towels if you need them.  My wife brings me fresh towels every day, so I don't go home dusty."
    "Great, I actually have a change of clothes, I thought I might be going out of town this morning, but my plans seem to have changed." The old man made his way through the workshop, marveling at the various instruments in varying states of completion and repair. Quickly he showered and shaved, and redressed.  He felt and looked like a new man. 
    "Woo woo, aren't we dapper today," said Chuck jestingly.  The old man spun and showed off his new clean self. A few minutes later, the two men climbed into Chuck's car and they headed down towards the restaurant.  As they pulled up to the restaurant a few minutes before six, Chuck handed the old man a business card with a phone number written on the back.  "Listen, if you need anything, give me a call, I'm always more than happy to help a fellow uke lover, okay?" The old man nodded in agreement.  "Thank you again Chuck! I'll probably see you tomorrow to tell you how this all went." He got out of the car and waved at Chuck in the car.  As he walked into the restaurant, Chuck pulled away with a smile on his face. 

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