Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chapter 9, Sprint 3

 He climbed into the car, Sukie pulled off slowly. "Um, Sukie, I know he's a little strange, but aren't we leaving someone behind?"
    Sukie laughed for a second, as the old man turned around to watch Mike film their departure.  He waved at him once again. "He's just filming us pulling off.  We're going to turn the corner and wait for him.  Thankfully he's fast, usually." She looked back, and pointed. "Look, here he comes." Rolling down here window, she called out, "Come on pokey, lets go!" Mike just shook his head as he made his way to the car.
    "Ok, speedy, I'm coming, I'm coming! Hold your horses!" he said as he put the large camera into the trunk of the car, and pulled out a smaller more compact unit.  Holding the small camera, he climbed into the back seat.  "Alrighty then, I'm here, lets get going then." He clipped on his seat belt, the pointed to her. "See, Jim, we have two stops down the highway to make before we head into the city.  So, technically, we should have a five hour trip.  Watch. I bet she makes it in four, Maria Andretti here."
    The old man laughed. "Her? Maria Andretti? I don't believe it."
    "Believe it bud!" said Sukie as she pulled away from the curb. As they drove down through the town, on their way to the thruway, Mike busied himself connecting the small camera to the center console of the car.  Carefully, he aimed it at the old man. 
    "Ok, Jim, so you know, we have three cameras in the car right now." he pointed at the unit he had just attached to the center console. "This one is a portable.  It's small, but does a fine job of recording. If we happen to pull over and see something interesting, it can come out and with us." Mike then pointed to a small camera bolted to the head liner of the car. "This one here, it's trained on where your front should be.  It gives us two angles of you, which is nice, especially if you're looking out the windows, which leads us to the next camera." Next, he pointed to what looked like an eyeball in the center of the dashboard. "This one here, is our forward view.  It shows the road ahead, nothing too crazy. 

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