Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Po Hos as a major benefactor

Well, I've been steadily adding the po hos in as characters. I have to faery it's nice to have a voice for everyone, makes fleshing out their roles a little easier.

So far we have:
Susan aka Sukie as the midwestern tv reporter... As soon as I made the character, I knew it was her.
Sally as the sexpot latin dance instructor
Mike, a bermudian cameraman with an overdramatic attention seeking bent
Jon, quiet ukulele musician
Ronin, a national tv management type with a really spiffy huge credit card
Henry, the Diner cook

As for non pohos, we have Sally's uke,
And... A rather fictionalized Chuck Moore..but I bet the real chuck is really cool too.
I'm pretty excited to see where this'll go.
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